web site quotation

  • Contact information

  • Server

    Server is computer connected to the internet 24/7 that we put website files and database on it
    (web site name .com, .net, .org) the unique name that you write in browser to access your website
  • Design

    Design the website visual look
  • Basic website programming

    • complete pages administration You can add pages edit or delete them
    • complete posts administration You can add ,edit or delete posts and categorize them
    • control images and complete administration You can crop images or upload it or even upload multiple images at once edit or delete them
    • slide show with images and text administration you can show your images in animation way and add as many slides show as you want
    • add categories for posts and images
    • complete menu link administration you can add menu link or delete or reorder them
    • portfolio administration and control You can add portfolio items and delete or edit and control the view of it
    • clients add or edit clients or delete
    • build design with codes
    • Add The Content of 5 pages and You can add unlimited by Your Self up to Server Size The content is provided by client
    • add drag and drop Page builder
    • website security Enhance your website overall security
    • Onsite search engine optimization to enhance your place in search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing.
    • Major browser support your web site can display beautifully in all major modern browsers like Firefox chrome internet explorer
    • make backup of file and database in your website and connect with drop box or Google drive
    • Website performance and speed enhance your website performance and speed
  • programming Add-ons

  • Content

  • maintenance Provide support and fix errors in website note that’s client’s errors and adding new features in website or change content or Design or alterations is not included and require additional payments